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Is It Time For 
Your Pool To Be Serviced?

Not all pool services are the same. This is one of the reasons many swimming pool owners contact Pool Service Phoenix.

We are one of the few pool contractors in the Phoenix area in Arizona that offer an all-in-service. Our professional experience tells us homeowners don’t want to end their relationship with a contractor once the pool is finished and filled with water.

Yes, we know the term “relationship” sounds personal. But, this is what we are all about. We are proud of the personal service we offer to our customers. From what we can tell from the reviews we receive, our efforts are appreciated.

What Do You Get When You Contract Pool Service Phoenix?

Most homeowners contacting us are somewhere along what we call the “pool road”.

This means they are talking or thinking about adding a pool to their home. We often find many prospective customers have contacted other swimming pool companies.

When we first realized this, we started to wonder what was going on. It didn’t take us long to figure out they were looking for something different.

Sure, they wanted to have a pool built, but they were also looking for other aspects of swimming pool ownership. This is where we come in.

We are not only happy to design and build your pool. But, we will also help you to maintain and look after your pool once it is ready.

What Makes Pool Service Phoenix Stand Out?

Yes, it is true. Pool building and maintenance is a crowded market place. Lots of companies and individuals like to call themselves swimming pool contractors.

We don’t only see ourselves as swimming pool contractors, we like to think of ourselves as a professional swimming pool service. Some people feel passionate about their vintage cars, we feel passionate about swimming pools.

As a Phoenix-based swimming pool contractor and service, we take you through everything from the design process to the build and beyond.

Every yard is different and we will offer you a tailor-made service.

What Happens Once the Pool Is Finished?

Once the pool is finished, and you are relaxing in your new swimming pool, our support will continue.

As a swimming pool contractor, we offer you the following services:

Cleaning and maintenance




Pump repair

Filter replacement

Spa service

Our services are not only available to clients that have used our swimming pool building service in Phoenix.

When you buy a new home and find the existing swimming pool that comes with the home can benefit from an update or two, we are more than happy to help.

Thanks to new ideas and innovative techniques, you can now use your swimming pool for a longer period throughout the year. Heating systems have come a long way and are easy to install. They are less costly to run and will allow you to continue to enjoy your swimming pool or home spa.

Alternatively, you may be thinking about how you can protect your swimming pool from the seasonal weather or debris such as leaves falling into the pool. In that case, we can help you to find the right pool cover for you.

Other Top Class Services 
From Pool Service Phoenix

As we have the right experience, we know that from time to time, your swimming pool will need a bit of extra care. Once again, if you have bought a home with a swimming pool, we can help you with maintenance tasks.

Fixing leaks and pool resurfacing are two of our extended services that are popular with our clients. It is all too easy to buy a home with a pool, fall in love with the idea of owning a pool without realizing the pool needs a few repairs or updating

Most of the time, the swimming pool and related systems are not part of the home inspection. It is only when you have moved into your dream home you realize that something is not right with the pool. The water level is falling and the operating system is making a nasty sound.

Pump repair and filter replacement are two add-on services we also offer our clients whether we have built your pool or not. While we are visiting, our swimming pool professionals will check your pool. We will pick up any problems, bring them to your attention, and offer you a smart cost-effective solution.

Can Pool Service Phoenix Save You Money?

Yes, we can help to save you money. New heating and pump systems are available that will cut down on costs associated with owning a swimming pool in Phoenix or elsewhere in the country.

Any new systems we supply are backed up by a guarantee and warranty. We will offer you the best options and explain how you can revive not only your pool but your entire pool area.

Swimming Pools and Health Benefits

Regular maintenance and water checks are essential when it comes to having what we like to call a “healthy” pool. When you contact our company about your swimming pool, we will make sure you don’t have to worry about water quality any longer. We will take care of everything for you.

Swimming and using your pool regularly has many health benefits, and we will ensure you can continue to enjoy those uninterrupted.

How to Get In Touch with Us

We would love to hear from you whether you have concerns about an existing swimming pool or thinking about having a new one built. Our design service will take all of your concerns into consideration and make sure we build the right pool for you.

If you are worried or would like to update your existing pool, feel free to reach out to us.

All you need to do to get in touch with our pool service in Phoenix is to pick up the phone. Alternatively, send us an email. One of our swimming pool specialists will get back in touch with you.

We pride ourselves on our service. If you need our help, get in touch and speak to one of our friendly swimming pool advisers today.

To keep your pool and equipment running properly, routine maintenance is needed to ensure costly repairs down the road. We have an extensive service offering in this regard and can custom-tailor a plan specific to you and your home.

If you’re unsure what type of service you need, give us a call and we’ll make sure the basics are covered. There are plenty of small tasks you can take care of yourself to save money. With decades of experience servicing pools and spas, we’ll take care of the time-consuming and complicated jobs.

Call us today to speak with one of our experts and schedule your service!


Our team and company is operated in Phoenix Arizona but can service Scottsdale & other outlying areas with our experts ready to work on your pool resurfacing at any time. Call us now to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and we’ll offer you a quote.

Give us a call today for an in-depth consultation with one of our experts. We can help guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate service for your needs, saving you time and money!

Remember, if you want your project done right, trust local professionals that you can continually count on.

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