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Does Your Pool 
Need Cleaning?

Let’s face it – pool cleaning can be somewhat of a hassle. After a busy week of work and tending to the house, when you’re finally able to head outside and enjoy yourself, who wants to start by cleaning the pool? Perhaps it’s skipped altogether because you simply don’t have the time, and then when you DO want to go for a swim, you’re saddled with a lengthy process of bringing your pool back to its proper levels.

Remember, swimming pools are small ecosystems, needing to circulate and stay chemically balanced. We’ve been maintaining pools, spas, and fountains for decades, offering a range of professional services aimed at absolving you from that burden.

Call one of our Phoenix, AZ pool cleaning experts to schedule your cleaning and get back to enjoying yourself today!

Why Do You Need To 
Tidy Your Swimming Pool?

Today you’re probably thinking, why do I have to trouble with scrubbing or cleaning my swimming pool when I include chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals to the water? It’s a legitimate concern, and we have a response.

When you shower, you utilize shampoo and soap, which are cleaning representatives. Does your tub stay clean indefinitely? Shampoo and soap are suggested to clean your body, not tile, porcelain, or fiberglass.

Pool Cleaning 

Having the tools you need will make pool cleaning much easier on you. And if it’s simpler, you’ll be more apt to do it more often.

So head out to your swimming pool shed and take stock. Initially, examine the tools you already have. Are they still in good shape? Or do you require brand-new ones? Next, take note of what’s missing from your collection. What do you require to include?

And if you’re a brand-new pool owner, perhaps you’re simply not totally sure what swimming pool cleansing equipment you need. Don’t fret– we have actually got you covered.

Telescopic Pole

Ah, the Swiss Army knife of pool cleaning. You can attach all kinds of things to the end of a telescopic pole. Skimmer internet, brushes, vacuum heads, puppets for a pool puppet show. Just a suggestion.

As its name recommends, a telescopic pole can be extended to various lengths. We advise purchasing an 8-foot pole that encompasses 16 feet. That ought to permit you to clean the walls and the floor of the swimming pools when necessary.


This is among the tools you’ll probably use more often in Phoenix than any other. Connected to a telescopic pole, a skimmer net enables you to gather debris that’s accumulated on and listed below the water’s surface area. Leaves, bugs, twigs, hair ties– all of them can be scooped up in a skimmer net.

You have 2 alternatives when choosing a skimmer web: a flat skimmer, or a bag skimmer. We suggest the flat skimmer since it’s simpler to shake off the particles you collect from the swimming pool. While a bag skimmer might hold more, it’s a discomfort to empty, specifically when it’s wet.

Also, purchase a heavy-duty skimmer net. As is true with practically everything, more affordable ones tend to break frequently, and you’ll just be squandering cash by having to buy skimmer internet all season long, every year.

Pool Brush

Break out that telescopic pole again it’s summer time in Phoenix.. When you attach a pool brush to it, you can scrub your swimming pool’s walls and floor, getting rid of dirt, and detaching algae before it can actually take hold and grow. However what kind of swimming pool brush should you use?

In order to respond to that question, we must ask another: What is your swimming pool surface area made of? The type of material will determine the type of brush.

Unpainted Concrete: Use a brush with both stainless-steel and nylon bristles.

Gunite: Use a brush with stainless steel bristles.

Pool Tile Cleaning
Fiberglass, Vinyl, or Painted Concrete: Use a brush with nylon bristles just.

Poo Tile Cleaning: Just a
brush and a bit of chemical is
all you need.

How Frequently To Brush Your Swimming Pool

For your pool cleaning services At least twice a week, brush the walls, ladders, and corners of your pool. Make certain to enter into every nook and cranny possible to brush away any hiding algae developments. Brushing will press the algae into the water, making it much easier for chlorine or other sanitizer to eliminate it.

Note that if your pool has actually -established a major algae issue, brushing isn’t going to treat it. You’ll need to take more extreme actions to get rid of pool algae.

Robotic Swimming 

Pool Cleaner

A robot that will clean your pool for you? If you’ve never seen one, a robotic swimming pool cleaner– likewise called an automated pool cleaner– is a small, self-contained system that essentially drives around your swimming pool drawing up particles while you sit poolside, sipping a mixed drink.

The only downside to a robotic vacuum is the expense. They’re more expensive than suction-side or pressure-side cleaners (unless your pressure-side cleaner needs a booster pump), and cost more to repair needs to anything fail.

Our recommendation is to purchase a premium robotic swimming pool vacuum with a good service warranty.


On the other hand, this gadget will offer to clean up the pool with the help of the water coming from your filter system. A pressure-side cleaner connects to your return jet, and produces a water vortex that pushed particles into a mesh bag. When the swimming pool’s clean, you simply need to empty the bag.

While this isn’t as dangerous to your filter system as a suction-side cleaner, it’s still not as effective or ideal an option as skimming and vacuuming your pool to keep as much particles as possible out of your filter in the top place.

What Our Local Phoenix Company Will Offer

As a customer of ours, we can do: weekly maintenance & spa services, pool repair green pool algae, deck maintenance, pool repair, pool services. We believe we are better than other pool companies and offer maintenance programs..

Our Company Is Customer Service Oriented And Will Give You A Maintenance Free Quote. Other companies don’t do this. We are based in Scottsdale & Phoenix area so have one of our friendly professional owners visit your phoenix pool in sun city, and request an appointment. When you are ready to save, we’ll email you our job and price details with a reliable team to save you money on any repairs. We’ll ensure that your experience surrounding our business is amazing.

Read our reviews, we are in the valley, and our Arizona Company is operated by keeping the customer hours in mind. We can follow a weekly pool schedule and provide you with top quality maintenance.

Contact our customer service reps and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We aren’t like the other companies. Search us online for our reviews and see how happy people have been with us serving their pool repair and pools services needs. Our customer service has been rated in the top by Scottsdale, Phoenix review board.


Our team and company is operated in Phoenix Arizona but can service Scottsdale & other outlying areas with our experts ready to work on your pool resurfacing at any time. Call us now to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and we’ll offer you a quote.

Give us a call today for an in-depth consultation with one of our experts. We can help guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate service for your needs, saving you time and money!

Remember, if you want your project done right, trust local professionals that you can continually count on.

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